Bluetooth Onboarding

Bluetooth onboarding of the NET2GRID SmartBridge

All NET2GRID SmartBridges are capable of setting up a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Both are necessary for a seamless onboarding experience. This page gives an overview how to get SmartBridges online to unlock smart meter data.

Follow steps below to get the SmartBridge online.

  1. Device preparation
    Ensure that the SmartBridge is turned on by connecting it to the smart meter, the LED will be blinking.
  2. Discover and connect SmartBridge
    Search for a Bluetooth device with the name starting with sbwf, this is the standard NET2GRID advertised name. When found the device, connect the smartphone with the SmartBridge.
  3. Get Wi-Fi network list
    Retrieve the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Enter credentials
    Enter Wi-Fi credentials and let the SmartBridge connect to the platform.
  5. Onboard call
    Do the onboard call, with the EUI/MAC address to connect the account and the SmartBridge.

More detailed instruction can be found on this page below.


All Bluetooth communication goes via Bluetooth attributes. These attributes are recognised with a Universal Unique IDentifier (UUID), all UUIDs are differentiated with a hexadecimal code. There is one UUID (4E04) that is used for multiple commands, a list of all commands is shown below. The commands are explained in the coming chapters. Other UUID are used to transfer different kind of information, all will be explained in the corresponding section.

Available commands for the SmartBridge via UUID 4E04:

  • 01 - Discover Wi-Fi networks
  • 02 - Connect to Wi-Fi network

Discover and connect SmartBridge

After discovering all Bluetooth devices, find the SmartBridge that can typically be found based on the sbwf prefix. Connect to the SmartBridge and verify that all is working in this stage by requesting the device details. The id is necessary to connect the account to the SmartBridge. The exact procedure is described below.

  1. Read the value of the UUID 4E08
  2. The SmartBridge info is returned as a JSON string, see below for an example.


Successful info result


Connecting with Wi-Fi

Once connected to the SmartBridge, a Wi-Fi scan needs to be execute in order to let the user connect to the correct Wi-Fi with the right credentials. Follow the steps below to get the list of scanned Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Turn on notification of characteristic 4e06.
  2. Write a byte (array) with 01 to UUID 4E04, this will trigger the scan functionality.
  3. All discovered Wi-Fi SSIDs will be notified in JSON format, see below for successful and error response.


Successful found Wi-Fi network

{ “ssid” : ”example_ssid” , “rssi”, -74 }



{ “result” : “err” }

Enter credentials

In this stage the user is able to choose the right Wi-Fi network of a list of networks. After selecting the network, the user should enter the Wi-Fi password. With this information the next actions can be executed.

  1. Turn on notification of UUID 4E05.
  2. Write the Wi-Fi SSID in UTF-8 format to UUID4E02.
  3. Write the Wi-Fi password in UTF-8 format to UUID 4E03
  4. Give the "Wi-Fi connect command" by writing a byte (array) with 02 to UUID 4E04.
  5. UUID 4E04 will return a join result, the result of a successful join is:
    1. First a join in progress (01)
    2. Second a success (00)
    3. Finally, the Bluetooth will be disconnected by the SmartBridge

Join result

All join results of the Wi-Fi join command can be found in the table below.

Status CodeMeaningDescription
0x00SuccessDevice successfully joined the network
0x01Join in progressDevice is attempting join - wait for next notification
0x02Beacon TimeoutAccess point no longer in range
0x03No AP FoundAccess point not found. Check SSID and retry
0x04Authentication FailedUnable to join. Check key and retry
0x05Association FailedCheck SSID / access point and retry
0x06Handshake TimeoutCheck SSID / access point and retry
0x07No AttemptDevice did not yet receive join command from client
0x08Function ErrorInternal error. No join attempt was made
0x09SSID ErrorInvalid SSID from client. No join attempt was made
0x0AUnknown Error-

Onboard call

At this stage the SmartBridge is online, now the onboard call can be done with the id that was saved during the discovery step.