Energy Events

The Energy Events service operates as a continuous background process with the primary objective of detecting and identifying variations in Power or Consumption. These variations are identified based on defined thresholds, allowing for precise monitoring and reporting. The service accommodates up to 16 configurable thresholds for both power and consumption events.

Ynni consumption notification

In terms of power aggregation, the service offers four distinct modes: mean, aggregation, median, and none. Each of these modes can be customised with specific aggregation configurations, such as sample interval or sample count. Notably, these configurations can be set independently for each power threshold, providing flexibility and granularity in data analysis.

To avoid overwhelming users with excessive notifications, the service implements cooldown periods for all events. This means that multiple events are withheld until the cooldown period expires. Importantly, lower thresholds of the same polarity are subject to cooldown triggers when higher threshold events are generated. This approach ensures that event notifications are appropriately spaced and prevent unnecessary redundancy.

For consumption events, precise temporal alignment is crucial. The service aligns consumption event time windows with the local time of the user. Currently, the service supports a range of temporal thresholds, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly intervals. These configurable thresholds allow users to effectively monitor and assess consumption patterns over various time scales.

Customer Engagement API

All information described on this API documentation is based on the lower level ZCL communication between the platform and NET2GRID's hardware. For more information how energy events can be used via a mobile app or other Customer Engagement service, check out the Energy Usage notification page on our Customer Engagement API.