WLAN / LoRa Gateway


The SPLR4911 is a meter gateway designed to receive energy data from compatible LoRa energy meter interfaces. The device connects to the consumers WiFi network in order to forward these energy data to the NET2GRID platform.

Additionally the SPLR4911 is capable of monitoring the energy consumption of devices connected directly to the plug via the integrated 230V AC socket.


General functionality

All commissioning, updating behaviour, features, data reporting, and edge-analytics, is supported by this SmartBridge. Find the relevant information in the corresponding section.

User Interface

The user interface consists of the LED pattern and the button behaviour on top of the API's and smartphone app interaction. This page focuses on the LED and button behaviour.


The SPLR4911 has a 3-colour LED ring surrounding the button which displays status information to the user.

GreenOnWiFi connection OK
GreenSlow BlinkWaiting for IP address
GreenFast BlinkWiFI access point / Bluetooth active
RedOnMeter OK
RedSlow BlinkWaiting for meter connection
RedFast BlinkMeter connection error
BlueSlow BlinkWaiting for platform connection
BlueFast BlinkPlatform connection error
BlueOnCloud platform connection OK / Relay ON
OffOffCloud platform connection OK / Relay OFF


The user button has multiple functions as shown in the table. The function is selected depending on the length of time the button is held.

None< 2 secondsNo changeToggle Relay State
Short> 2 s / < 10 sOffSystem Reset
Medium> 10 s / < 20 sStrobeErase WiFi settings
Long> 20 s / < 30 sFast blinkFactory Reset


WiFi onboarding

The device is usually connected to the users home WiFi network using the BLE credentials service. Details can be found in the following manual.

Alternatively it is possible to configure the WiFi credentials using the WLAN credentials service. Details can be found in the following manual.

Connecting LoRa SmartReader

For details see the LoRa commissioning guide.