Consumption Event

This page provides all information for utilising smart meter consumption notifications. NET2GRID's hardware utilises smart meter data to deliver timely notifications about energy consumption so the consumer can act based on their energy consumption before exceeding a certain limit.

Consumption Event chart

ZCL command

The ZCL command can be made with the JSON body as shown below.

  "cmd": "<Command_ID>",
  "profile": "0104",
  "endpoint": "0A",
  "cluster": "FC02",
  "clientCmd": false,
  "clusterSpecific": true,
  "manufacturerId": "4E47",
  "payload": "<Version><Bitmap><Alert><Threshold_Wh><Sample_Interval><Start_Offset>"

The payload consists of multiple fields further explained below.

Data typeDescription
VersionUINT8Message version
BitmapUINT8What event to set
AlertUINT8How the threshold will be exceeded (LOHI, HILO, both, none)
ThresholdINT32Threshold in WattHour (Wh)
Sample intervalUINT8Interval between samples
Start offsetINT32Alignment with a certain timeframe

Command ID

Command IDCommand Name


The Bitmap is used to indicate which power threshold slots can be configured. Multiple thresholds can be set at the same time. The configurations are set sequentially, so the first configuration in the payload corresponds to the lowest set bit.


Depending on the desired outcome an alert will be sent when the threshold is exceeded. If a solar injection alert needs to be set an alert is desired when the negative threshold is exceed from high-to-low. For a regular consumption threshold the alert needs to happen when the thresholds is exceeded from low-to-high.

One of the four options below can be set in the alert field.

0x01Alert sent when threshold is exceeded from low to high
0x02Alert sent when threshold is exceeded from high to low
0x03Alert sent when threshold is exceeded from Both sides


This is the actual threshold set in WattHour (Wh).

Sample Interval

The aggregation buffer will be filled with a maximum of "sample count" samples with a fixed interval that is given with the sample interval field. This field is a UINT8, so contains a value from 0 until 255 seconds.

Start Offset

The consumption event time windows need to be aligned with local time, being, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Daily00:00:00 local time
WeeklyEvery 7 days (Could change by daylight savings)
MonthlyEvery 1 month (At the specified day)
YearlyEvery 1 year (At the specified date)


Once the event is triggered the following information will be notified to the platform.

VersionBitmapEnergy consumed (Wh)Configuration