Firmware Update

This section describes how all NET2GRID hardware receive firmware updates. Updates are the backbone of keeping the installed base healthy and secure.

NET2GRID maintains a lot of different SmartBridge models, all models have a specific firmware version. Every SmartBridge is connected to the NET2GRID Insights platform of the customer to be fully operational. Receiving configuration, reporting data, reporting events and more are all part of the Insights platform connection.

Requesting an update

Apart from the Insights platform connection for normal operation, all SmartBridges check for a firmware update once every 3 hours with a separate firmware server. The SmartBridge receives the latest version based on the hardware, current firmware, model and EUI.

Updating the SmartBridge

In respond of the request the SmartBridge receives a file that will be installed, this is the actual update that will take a couple of seconds. After the update the SmartBridge will check the firmware server again and will set-up the connection with the customer's Insights platform.