Welcome to the developers guide of all embedded related functionalities of NET2GRID.

NET2GRID provides customer engagement and customer intelligence services based on low resolution smart meter data and real-time data. Real-time data is gathered with NET2GRID's own white-label hardware and processed partly in embedded edge software (as well on SaaS cloud software), where this page is covering the hardware and firmware side of NET2GRID.


NET2GRID provides a wide portfolio of energy reader hardware models, each SmartBridge is a perfect fit for a different use-case. SmartBridge is used throughout the documentation as a product name for NET2GRID's hardware models as shown below.



Nowadays software is everywhere and widely used. Firmware is a type of software that runs embedded in hardware, most of the time without an user-interface. NET2GRID continuously works on improving the firmware and keeps on adding new functionality to its products. Keep up-to-date of all hardware and embedded releases via our release notes page.