WiFi P1 SmartBridge


The NET2GRID SBWF4602 is designed as a low-cost home energy gateway capable of collecting energy data from DSMR meters and making it available to the user via a HTTP service on the local network interface or optionally via the NET2GRID platform connection.


General functionality

All commissioning, updating behaviour, features, data reporting, and edge-analytics, is supported by this SmartBridge. Find the relevant information in the corresponding section.

User Interface

The user interface consists of the LED pattern to provide feedback of the status. The APIs and smartphone app are the main source of interaction. This page focuses on the LED behaviour.


Offn/aNo power; system reset pending
Fast Blink0.3 secBluetooth and WiFi access point active
Slow Blink1 secWaiting for WiFi and platform connection
Solid onn/aConnected with platform and operational


Like all NET2GRID SmartBridges the SBLR4602 can best be commissioned via Bluetooth. The prefix to recognise the SmartBridge on Bluetooth and WiFi is sbwf-.

P1 meter interface

In general the P1 meter interface can be accessed by the user installing the SmartBridge. It could be possible that the user needs an additional power cable for older smart meters. All smart meters with SMR5.0 protocol can be used in a plug-and-play manner. Sometimes the P1-port is already used for EV-chargers, in this case the SmartBridge can be installed using a P1-splitter.