Commissioning for LoRa Devices

There are 4 possible commissioning modes that can be used to connect a LoRa SmartReader (SRLR4302) to a SmartBridge gateway (SPLR4911). LoRa is a wireless connection that is optimal for battery powered electronics that need to bridge a long distance.

Commissioning Modes

Meter Serial Number Commissioning

Serial number commissioning relies on the ZCL command Send Meter Keydata command. When this command is received from the N2G platform the LoRa gateway will wait for a status message from a LoRa node with a matching meter serial number. When it receives such a message the commissioning proceeds automatically. The commissioned status of the LoRa meter link is reflected in the Link_Status attribute.

Conditional Commissioning

The manual commissioning mode allows a SPLR to connect to any LoRa node device without first matching a serial number. This mode uses the HAN radio cluster Conditional Commission which takes just the node's MAC address as a payload. If a LoRa message from this MAC address has been received previously (i.e. it is in the candidate list) then the commissioning proceeds. If there has been no such message received then the conditional commissioning fails.

Manual Commissioning

The manual commissioning mode works in the same way as conditional commissioning with the exception that no check is made on the candidate list. The LoRa gateway will directly commission itself to the supplied MAC address.


Auto-commissioning is disabled by default. If it is enabled by the platform then the LoRa gateway will automatically select for commissioning any LoRa node within radio range that has not yet been commissioned.