SmartBridge Onboarding

SmartBridge onboarding is been done by Bluetooth onboarding. The user's smartphone searches for a SmartBridges' Bluetooth and connects with it so the user can provide the required WiFi credentials.

Onboarding Flow

When onboarding the SmartBridge for the first time, there will be no WiFi credentials stored so the SmartBridge will open its Bluetooth. In this state the user's WiFi credentials can be provided as described in detail on the Bluetooth Onboarding page. See below for the full onboarding flow diagram.

When credentials are provided the SmartBridge will set-up a WiFi and platform connection. When first online, the SmartBridge will check for a Firmware Update and potentially reboot. End state of successfully onboarding is a successful WiFi and platform connection, indicated with LED behaviour that shows a solid on state. Bluetooth is turned off in this (WiFi and platform) connected state.


LED Patterns

Note that the LED behaviour could have differences between different models. The LED behaviour in these charts are the most used LED patterns.

Platform or WiFi Disconnection

Once onboarding was successful there could be multiple situation where the WiFi signal is lost by the SmartBridge. This could be in one of the following situations:

  • New WiFi password
  • Change of internet provider, and thus new WiFi credentials

In the situation where the SmartBridge cannot set-up a successful WiFi connection it keeps retrying to connect to WiFi. Bluetooths is only turned on when a reboot happens, in that case the previous flow is followed. In the situation that no working platform connection can be made, the SmartBridge reboots after 40 minutes of trying to reconnect. See flow below.

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