Immersion Heater Detection

The algorithmic logic for the detection of an Immersion Heater is pretty straightforward. The Immersion Heater is a home appliance that consumes approximately 4kW of active power while its ON. Hence, in order to detect an immersion heater, with the current model, we are looking for a rising spike between 3500W and 4500W. This spike indicates that the Immersion Heater is ON. The search for the spike is always on, meaning that after each new power measurement, we search for a spike in the last 5 power measurements.

A real use case of the detection of an Immersion Heater, would be a notification to an end user that the Immersion Heater is ON for a period of time (for instance 20 minutes). That’s why we are not only looking for the moment of the detection of the Immersion Heater but also for the moment that it is turned off. Thus, we are able to measure the initial timestamp, the end timestamp and of course the duration it was turned on.

For the moment and the current implementation, there is no API call that can be used to configure the immersion heater detection. The thresholds of 3500W & 4500W are preset.